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24 December 2009 @ 12:32 pm
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery]  
Luke Maestri, heir to quite a few important things, was a creature of habit. It did not matter that today was quite a bit more important than any average day. Luke still blearily woke from his bed, stumbled blindly towards the bathroom, and began to wash up. He of course inevitably stepped on some scattered bit of technology or citrus byproduct on the way, but that was to be expected with him. He squeezed a generous blob of homemade Kiwi blend toothpaste onto his toothbrush, stolen on a whim from the head exec of the top citrus processing company, and began brushing. It was decorated with more than a few fruit and was in the shape of a banana.

Despite his eccentricities a normal routine. Afterwards, and the only deviation from the daily grind, he stumbled back out and pulled on his favorite thieving clothes. A novelty long-sleeve shirt and pants. They were solid black and JUST loose enough to avoid being called effeminate. Sounds pretty normal, but under black-light a thousand little limes would appear on the pants as well as a thousand little lemons on the shirt. He was sure Ana loved it to pieces but he'd never asked.

Finally he made breakfast. There was of course a kitchen and such rooms in the house but all of it's members were self sufficient and if they ALL lived there all the time the house would be so big the cops could spot it's ill reputes from five thousand feet in the air. As it was most didn't use the kitchen, they used things they stole and often didn't live in the house proper at all. Though they were of course welcome there. Luke's set up was a strange one. He had three relatively high-tech mini-fridges against one wall. Directly next to it was a cheap table stacked with eight industrial grade blenders. Luke had never been happier than after he raided that appliance store. Today he reached into the fridge and pulled out a bevy of strange ingredients. Many in little racks of vials. He poured a bunch of milk, three scoops of ice-cream and eight drops of a deep red fluid in one of the blenders. He then made up a host of normal breakfast foods in a frying pan on a camping stove and then emptied it all, eggs, bacon, and sausage into a second blender and started them up. He quickly drank his creations and blundered off in a new direction, the stairs.

Managing to not fall down them he made his way to his and Ana's usual meeting spot, the living room by the door. Patiently he waited for her to make an appearance. By patiently it is meant that Luke was being patient relative to his usual state. Meaning he was fiddling with a small object and glancing furtively in every direction for Ana's arrival.

A semi-normal morning for one Luke Maestri.
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dieb_der_nacht on December 24th, 2009 08:20 pm (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery II]
If anyone were to ask Analise Dieb what she wanted most right now, the answer would be to catch another hour or two of sleep. But the life of a teenage thief is difficult and requires much more preparation than most people would realize. Analise wasn’t your average pickpocket, and she certainly wasn’t going to let any amount of drowsiness keep her from doing her job. Because Lord knew that Luke couldn’t do it on his own.

Analise slapped her hands down on either arms of her comfy sleeping chair and pulled herself up into a sitting position. She pushed the footrest back into the chair with her heels, yawning. Luke often asked her why she always insisted on sleeping in a chair every night, when they could always “borrow” someone’s bedpost and mattress easily enough. He just didn’t understand that chairs would always be superior and much more relaxing.

Analise headed into the upstairs bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face to wake her up. She then proceeded to get decked out in her usual garb, which consisted of a black T-shirt and matching pants, both of which, combined with her tiny stature, wouldn’t draw too much attention to her. As she pulled the shirt over her head, her eyes met their reflection in the mirror and she frowned. She quickly combed through her tangled hair with her fingers, which she knew was the closest she would get to proper grooming this morning.

“I really should just chop it off,” she said to the girl in the mirror, grasping the ends of her dark hair threateningly. “You wouldn’t miss it very much, would you?”

In the end, she decided on putting her hair back into a tight ponytail to keep any stray curls away from her face. She gave the mirror a pleased smile, flicked off the bathroom light, and skipped down the stairs, her mood immediately brightening. She didn’t encounter a single person along the way, which wasn’t unusual. Everyone else was probably in the middle of their own jobs. Analise liked to think that they were being that productive, at least.

Upon reaching the room where Luke would be waiting for her (if he hadn’t fallen back asleep moments after he’d turned his alarm off, that was), she tiptoed silently to the door and peered in. Luke had his back facing the door and she grinned, ready to make her grand entrance.

“Guten Morgen!” she called cheerfully as she strode into the room. She watched in silent satisfaction as Luke proceeded to drop whatever it was he was toying with on the ground with a small thump.

“Oh, my,” she began teasingly, crossing her arms over her chest. “A thief of your caliber really should be more attentive.”

Analise then crossed the few feet that separated the two and stuck out a hand to ruffle Luke’s messy brown hair. “Ready to go, mein Freund?”
lemon43 on December 24th, 2009 09:04 pm (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery III]
"Guten Morgen!" Thunk. Well, I guess I WAS finished with the rubik's cube... The object, revealed to be a completed cube, fell to the ground as Ana cheerfully burst into the sparsely furnished sitting room.

"Honestly Ana, how any person can be so cheerful at," He looked down at his bare right arm, "Lost my watch," He looked down at his equally bare left arm, "Lost my other watch," He continued slightly peeved. "Well it's early, and you're entirely too happy." He stopped to pick up the cube and toss it in his nearly ever-present drawstring bag, "Of course I'm ready, I've got the forged papers, my forged credit card, and my forged autographed football. Don't look at me like that! It's good money!"

And with little fanfare Luke headed downstairs to the basement level and assumed Ana would follow. How could the House function without one? Firstly all the transportation that these thieves stole had to go somewhere. The King had his chopper and that was actually sanctioned but everything else was as illegal as twenty pounds of cocaine snorted off the back of a poached African Elephant. Okay not quite that illegal but the cars were certainly stolen.

The underground level was set up like a parking garage, one normal basement level for basic basement things and then a second hidden one for one parking lot. The parking lot was set up so that the cars could be driven out and up through the House's normal two car garage, and no one was any the wiser. There was a bit of traffic in the morning with only two exits and the citizens of Berlin had been mighty confused when four or five different kind of cars entered and exited every day with only two spaces in the garage but they never questioned it as it WAS a seedier part of town and every one had their... Privacy.

Luke stepped into his own sleek, black car, turned on the engine and switched the radio on. He waited for Ana to catch up as he cycled through the stations, a favorite of his came on and he left it. Finally they were ready to go and he slowly pulled out of the House and towards the Airship Terminal, about an hours drive away.
dieb_der_nacht on December 30th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery IV]
Analise reached down to pick up the fallen neon-colored cube. She silently appraised the example of Luke’s puzzle-solving skills as she tossed it onto an empty couch, all the while listening to the male thief’s rambling.

“Watches are so outdated,” she said to Luke, ignoring his less than upbeat comment about her optimistic attitude. “Besides, we have all the time in the world. That is, unless we miss the plane.”

She frowned and folded her arms over her chest as Luke crossed things off on his mental list. Why would he bother with a football? she wondered to herself, but didn’t make any remarks.

Once they were finished preparing and Analise had grabbed a bottle of water and a bag of fruit snacks (the latter being at Luke’s suggestion) for the ride, she slipped her things into the purse at her hip and allowed her accomplice to lead the way out.

Absently tapping the small black bag at her side with anxious fingertips, Analise followed Luke down the musty-smelling stairwell that led to the House’s parking garage, which consisted of a multitude of cars for each thief who stayed at the House regularly. Analise sometimes felt a bit jaded at the fact that all of these thieves possessed at least five cars each when she didn’t even know how to drive. She figured that she would have to pester Luke to teach her, one of these days.

Her fingers grasped the cool door handle of the car that she still couldn’t believe Luke owned. It was the sort of car that the populace in nearly every big city on the face of the earth would rave about. It was a glossy jet-black, free of any sort of tarnish or even the speck of a fingerprint, and Analise always felt a bit sinful just being within three feet of it. She made sure to be extra careful when closing the door behind her.

“Big money, here we come.” She grinned as Luke continued to fiddle with the buttons on the radio, finally stopping on a station that made Analise cringe and shake her head in shame. She buckled her belt and then rested her head against the headrest while Luke pulled out of the garage.

They were silent for a few moments, the only sound being the horrid instrumentals blasting from the car radio. She took this time to pull her packet of fruit snacks from the purse on her lap, offer one to Luke, and then settle in her seat to enjoy her breakfast.

“So,” she began as the song finally ended and she was able to turn down the radio without Luke biting her head off. “What are we supposed to do for a full hour?”

Analise popped a grape-flavored snack into her mouth as she waited for the answer.
lemon43 on December 31st, 2009 12:21 am (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery V]
He could almost know Ana was mentally cringing. This was definitely not her chosen music. He thought she was insane. The current song was a modern bit. Something with a lot of Saxophone and Didgeridoo. It was rather insane and nonsensical. He was surprised that she didn't like it. He was insane and nonsensical after all and she liked him well enough? Luke could only guess. Modern music was all crazy, using a variety of instruments that just didn't make sense and often ruined the tone. There was one particularly prominent love song that had a flamboyant Oboe/trumpet note that just annihilated any tone the singer might have set. Modern was nothing like that awful classical stuff. All those black men dancing around talking and rhyming about the life in some place called the 'ghetto'.

Any further musical critique was halted when Ana asked “So, what are we supposed to do for a full hour?” as she crushed a poor pitiful grape gummy between her teeth.

“Well, we could always play the animal game? Or twenty questions, or the Kick-van game? We could even play a board game, we have a few in the back right?” Hitting a button on the built in GPS marked 'auto-pilot' he flipped all the way around in his seat and began rifling through the piles of pilfered paraphernalia. For the next few minutes he distracted highway drivers by tossing things out the window and sorting piles of entertaining junk.

When his search was over he had found three notebooks and a few pencils for paper games, one copy each of Monopoly, 175th anniversary edition, Life, Candyland, and Clue, three decks of plying cards, and a small hologram projector. The playing cards were homemade by Luke. His father was the King, Ana the Queen and himself the Jack. The rest of the cards were normal except his own face was also on the joker.

Pulling the pile of entertaining stuff into the, thankfully spacious, front seats he thrust it in front of Ana and smilingly said, “Take your pick!” Not waiting for an answer he hit the button on the GPS again, regaining control of the vehicle, and took exit 65B at the request of aforementioned GPS. Humming a cheerful tune he cut off the car to the side of him and sped up to a leisurely seventy five.
dieb_der_nacht on January 7th, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery VI]
Analise listened to Luke going through all of the possible things that could distract their brilliant minds during the journey. Part of her had a feeling that she was going to shoot down all of the ideas and they would ride the rest of the way in boring silence, but the less dull part of her mind thought that playing one of the games that Luke was listing would be more than a little interesting and probably even fun. Although anything was interesting when it involved Luke. He had successfully entertained her during the most unexciting of burglaries many a time, usually by doing something to freak out the owners of the property from which they were thieving. But Analise and Luke would be long gone before anyone would notice the missing bathroom faucet or the new, decorative flamingo that could be found in their front yard.

Next thing she knew, Luke was switching the car to autopilot and swiveling around dizzyingly quickly, breaking Analise out of her brief reverie. Moments after she came to, a few boxes and likewise materials were shoved into her hands.

“Take your pick!” Luke told her gleefully.

She took a long look at the small pile of boxes in her lap, and then began sorting through them. Something slipped from its place amid the many games and onto the floor. Analise kicked at it with her feet, dragging it closer to her seat before she reached out to grab it, the seatbelt choking her considerably along the way. Only one look at the small rectangular object brought back all of the nostalgia that it possessed.

“I remember this,” she said, smiling down at the deck of cards that Luke had created with three people in mind, himself being one of them. “You wanted to force me to model for you so you could get my face right. I think we got into an argument when I put up a fuss.”

Analise chuckled once, awkwardly, the kind of laugh one gives when they remember something in great detail but aren’t sure if the other person does.

Either way, it’s a good memory, she told herself as she toyed with the playing cards, the scenery outside the car flying by in her peripheral vision.

“Maybe we should save these for the airport,” Analise suggested, still clutching onto all of the other boxes. She glanced at the clock on the dashboard. “Which is about fifty minutes away,” she amended with a sigh.

She poured the rest of the fruit snacks into her hand and tossed them into her mouth.

Analise really did hate waiting.
lemon43 on January 8th, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery VII]
Luke was happy to see Ana searching through the boxes. He was just a tad worried she might dismiss all the games and then find his luxurious car seats too much to handle and fall asleep.

"I remember these!" Apparently she had found the cards. She also remembered how he'd made her model. He sighed reminiscently, "Yes, I do remember that. And you wouldn't even dress up in the queenly clothes I'd stolen for you to model in. Even if it is just a head and shoulders shot."

"Maybe we should. It's two hours wait time at the terminal. An hour on the ship waiting for it to take off. Then another hour's journey to the dock near the location. Then another hour drive to the edge of the forest. Then another few hours to find the objective. I guess we'll have to stay the night over there?" Luke did not seem at all perturbed by all the hours of useless waiting that he was outlining.

Noticing that Ana didn't seem to be picking out a game, nor did it look like she would soon, he jabbed the button on the GPS again and grabbed one at random. He'd picked up Candyland. He shrugged his shoulders, any of them were good really, he was just looking for something to eat up time.

Not waiting for any sign of approval from Ana he ripped the plastic covering the box open and ripped the plastic for all the odds and ends needed to play. The characters were in a plastic bag as were some pieces for decorative 3D structures, the cards were covered with plastic coating. He handed the pieces to Ana with a suggestion of building the pretty little castle.

He on the other hand put the characters together and picked two for them to use. He took the pretty purple one while awarding Ana with the blue. He drew the first card of the game and grinned to himself. "Lucky!" He had drawn the single green and took the rainbow bridge farther up the board.

With little else to do but wait for Ana to draw a card he brought his attention back to the radio. He flipped through the stations before finding one curiously title Jpop. He'd not heard of it. He let it play for a while though. The current song stopped and the radio flashed the artist of the next song "Nightcore" tapping his foot to the astonishingly catchy music. He relaxed into the plush seat, Candyland board open next to him. Ana to his left. Today was shaping up to be quite... Interesting.
dieb_der_nacht on January 20th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery VIII]
Analise couldn’t remember ever having been any good at that stupid Candyland game.

There isn’t even any point to it! She thought this as her mind conveniently skipped over the fact that most games, and probably all of the games that Luke had stored in his car, didn’t possess a point at all. But thoughts like this didn’t matter when one was about to play a game that they knew they would lose, because one becomes particularly irritable when one is losing a game, no matter how pointless. Especially if one is as naturally competitive as Analise.

She had gone along with the game choice simply because Luke seemed so excited about it. Then again, he got excited about a lot of things. Even so, she could rarely say no to him when he put on that face of a kid in a candy store that was next to an explosives store that was next to a pet shop. Plus, she had fun building the little castle that he always demanded she put together for the game, though she would never admit it.

Analise scoffed as Luke drew the card that would take his little gingerbread man up the rainbow bridge and far away from Analise’s own plastic character. She ignored his far too modest comment to this as she drew her own card. As she did this, the familiar tune of Heartquake by Nightcore surrounded them. She had once heard this song blaring from a passerby’s headphones and had gone on to pickpocket him when he had put his little musical device away. She had no regrets.

The sight of the slightly changed board in front of her broke her out of this reverie. She slid her card from the top of the stack and lifted it up to take a look at it.


Analise moved up two spaces. She knew that Luke was laughing at what bad luck she had in this game, especially when compared to him, even if it was only on the inside. She scowled at the board and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Your turn,” she informed him drily.

She watched as he plucked a card from the stack and happily dragged his gingerbread man farther along the bright, snaking path. She then took her own card and moved up one. She cursed this game, her left eye beginning to twitch.

When they were finished, Analise’s eye was twitching at a more rapid pace. Luke had beaten her, unsurprisingly, while she was still stuck in the very middle of the board, smack in the middle between a blue square and a purple square.

“You had this game rigged, didn’t you?” Analise asked as she cleared the board, knowing she sounded like the sore loser that she always was. When she finished, she glanced up at the clock and realized that they’d killed another twenty minutes. Halfway there.

This whole trip was beginning to feel centuries long.
lemon43 on January 22nd, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery IX]
"Well of course I did!" he said laughing easily. "It's what I do!" He flipped the hem of his sleeve down knocking loose a few cards he had deftly slid in there. "You've no idea how hard it is to rig a deck of cards while someone's watching you. I kept having to slip bad cards into my sleeves!"

He flipped the next few cards from the deck over. The cards that would have gone to Luke were all doubles or little pictures while Ana's were all singles. He leaned over to her and said in a stage whisper, "I don't really think I needed the help to win anyway."

He was about to suggest a game of clue or Rummy when his GPS announced "Arriving at destination on left," The car turned into what was very obviously a seedy shopping center and definitely not a huge Aerodome ®. "I'll be back in a minute! I need to go sell fake merchandise and faulty explosives to a resident gang," Grabbing a medium sized wooden crate from the trunk and his fake football he left Ana in the car.

Quickly finding the menacing leader of the gang, (He was the one wearing the ridiculous neon blue do-rag) he began in a voice an octave deeper than his usual. "You got the money, cupcake?"

Said gang-leader gave him an odd stare but pulled out a medium sized wad of cash and traded it for the crate and ball. (Said crate was marked 'BOOM BOOM POW') The gang leader then gestured for his 'homies' to follow him down the closest Dark Alleyway™. Luke pocketed the money and made the short walk back to the car.

Getting back in the front seat he turned the key once again and reset the GPS to the address of the aerodome. The whole scratch-your-head-strange event had taken fifteen minutes. Still thirty more and they'd be there.

"So Ana?" he asked trailing off as he pulled out the Money Wad™ "Do you want gold flecks in your shitty aerodome food?" He then proceeded to whistle and put his feet up on the dashboard. Forgetting the Clue game entirely he fished a cowboy hat from the back-seat so he could do the whole cliche 'Tilt the hat down over my eyes so I can go to sleep' deal.