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24 December 2009 @ 12:32 pm
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery]  
Luke Maestri, heir to quite a few important things, was a creature of habit. It did not matter that today was quite a bit more important than any average day. Luke still blearily woke from his bed, stumbled blindly towards the bathroom, and began to wash up. He of course inevitably stepped on some scattered bit of technology or citrus byproduct on the way, but that was to be expected with him. He squeezed a generous blob of homemade Kiwi blend toothpaste onto his toothbrush, stolen on a whim from the head exec of the top citrus processing company, and began brushing. It was decorated with more than a few fruit and was in the shape of a banana.

Despite his eccentricities a normal routine. Afterwards, and the only deviation from the daily grind, he stumbled back out and pulled on his favorite thieving clothes. A novelty long-sleeve shirt and pants. They were solid black and JUST loose enough to avoid being called effeminate. Sounds pretty normal, but under black-light a thousand little limes would appear on the pants as well as a thousand little lemons on the shirt. He was sure Ana loved it to pieces but he'd never asked.

Finally he made breakfast. There was of course a kitchen and such rooms in the house but all of it's members were self sufficient and if they ALL lived there all the time the house would be so big the cops could spot it's ill reputes from five thousand feet in the air. As it was most didn't use the kitchen, they used things they stole and often didn't live in the house proper at all. Though they were of course welcome there. Luke's set up was a strange one. He had three relatively high-tech mini-fridges against one wall. Directly next to it was a cheap table stacked with eight industrial grade blenders. Luke had never been happier than after he raided that appliance store. Today he reached into the fridge and pulled out a bevy of strange ingredients. Many in little racks of vials. He poured a bunch of milk, three scoops of ice-cream and eight drops of a deep red fluid in one of the blenders. He then made up a host of normal breakfast foods in a frying pan on a camping stove and then emptied it all, eggs, bacon, and sausage into a second blender and started them up. He quickly drank his creations and blundered off in a new direction, the stairs.

Managing to not fall down them he made his way to his and Ana's usual meeting spot, the living room by the door. Patiently he waited for her to make an appearance. By patiently it is meant that Luke was being patient relative to his usual state. Meaning he was fiddling with a small object and glancing furtively in every direction for Ana's arrival.

A semi-normal morning for one Luke Maestri.
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dieb_der_nacht on December 24th, 2009 08:20 pm (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery II]
If anyone were to ask Analise Dieb what she wanted most right now, the answer would be to catch another hour or two of sleep. But the life of a teenage thief is difficult and requires much more preparation than most people would realize. Analise wasn’t your average pickpocket, and she certainly wasn’t going to let any amount of drowsiness keep her from doing her job. Because Lord knew that Luke couldn’t do it on his own.

Analise slapped her hands down on either arms of her comfy sleeping chair and pulled herself up into a sitting position. She pushed the footrest back into the chair with her heels, yawning. Luke often asked her why she always insisted on sleeping in a chair every night, when they could always “borrow” someone’s bedpost and mattress easily enough. He just didn’t understand that chairs would always be superior and much more relaxing.

Analise headed into the upstairs bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face to wake her up. She then proceeded to get decked out in her usual garb, which consisted of a black T-shirt and matching pants, both of which, combined with her tiny stature, wouldn’t draw too much attention to her. As she pulled the shirt over her head, her eyes met their reflection in the mirror and she frowned. She quickly combed through her tangled hair with her fingers, which she knew was the closest she would get to proper grooming this morning.

“I really should just chop it off,” she said to the girl in the mirror, grasping the ends of her dark hair threateningly. “You wouldn’t miss it very much, would you?”

In the end, she decided on putting her hair back into a tight ponytail to keep any stray curls away from her face. She gave the mirror a pleased smile, flicked off the bathroom light, and skipped down the stairs, her mood immediately brightening. She didn’t encounter a single person along the way, which wasn’t unusual. Everyone else was probably in the middle of their own jobs. Analise liked to think that they were being that productive, at least.

Upon reaching the room where Luke would be waiting for her (if he hadn’t fallen back asleep moments after he’d turned his alarm off, that was), she tiptoed silently to the door and peered in. Luke had his back facing the door and she grinned, ready to make her grand entrance.

“Guten Morgen!” she called cheerfully as she strode into the room. She watched in silent satisfaction as Luke proceeded to drop whatever it was he was toying with on the ground with a small thump.

“Oh, my,” she began teasingly, crossing her arms over her chest. “A thief of your caliber really should be more attentive.”

Analise then crossed the few feet that separated the two and stuck out a hand to ruffle Luke’s messy brown hair. “Ready to go, mein Freund?”