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23 December 2009 @ 04:00 am
To Checkmate -- Introduction to the Game  
To checkmate was to be victorious.

That was the object of the game.
The game itself was far-reaching, expanding beyond the grid of black and white squares of the board to the earth, the sea, and sky above.
Every individual was a piece upon the playing surface, waiting for a hand to guide them.

Her hand. Thin, pale, bony—appearing frail. But strong. A stronger hand than the world had ever before seen, waiting to pluck her pawns from their places. The hand that would hold both the olive branch and the sword, both knowledge and power, both enlightenment and darkness.

Her hand would be the one to guide them into place.

The rules of the game were hazy, a sort of fog that drifted about the player and her pieces. Such an expansive game called for expansive rules—but as always, there were ways around them. It was a simple trick to the game, to look at how to escape the rules. Of course, she found them.

Chess was not for the weak of heart. Her guiding hand was ruthless, thrusting itself into even the most miniscule of situations.

Micromanagement and overprotection, yet utilizing risk—that was the key to playing the game. A sharp wit, a firm will, a passion aflame within, and a willingness to sacrifice—all were necessary to defeat the player upon the other side.

However much pressure was being put on her, no matter what the losses or gains, she had to keep her composure. The game was timed. She had whatever the remaining grains of sand in the hourglass allowed her.

The challenge became that much more difficult.

It was just a toy, she had to remind herself. Just a toy, nothing more— purely an exercise of wit and a chance to be successful.

But she lied. She lied to herself to mask what she was really doing at the most painful of times. She lied to slay the pieces of her opponent; she lied to protect the pieces of her own that she just could not let go of. Her own emotions were corked away within, frustration and anger bottled inside. A violent release was inevitable, no matter how she conducted herself. She needed that triumph to live.

To checkmate was to be victorious.

To checkmate perpetually was to become a god.

From there, she would rebuild her board—

the world.