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24 December 2009 @ 12:32 pm
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery]  
Luke Maestri, heir to quite a few important things, was a creature of habit. It did not matter that today was quite a bit more important than any average day. Luke still blearily woke from his bed, stumbled blindly towards the bathroom, and began to wash up. He of course inevitably stepped on some scattered bit of technology or citrus byproduct on the way, but that was to be expected with him. He squeezed a generous blob of homemade Kiwi blend toothpaste onto his toothbrush, stolen on a whim from the head exec of the top citrus processing company, and began brushing. It was decorated with more than a few fruit and was in the shape of a banana.

Despite his eccentricities a normal routine. Afterwards, and the only deviation from the daily grind, he stumbled back out and pulled on his favorite thieving clothes. A novelty long-sleeve shirt and pants. They were solid black and JUST loose enough to avoid being called effeminate. Sounds pretty normal, but under black-light a thousand little limes would appear on the pants as well as a thousand little lemons on the shirt. He was sure Ana loved it to pieces but he'd never asked.

Finally he made breakfast. There was of course a kitchen and such rooms in the house but all of it's members were self sufficient and if they ALL lived there all the time the house would be so big the cops could spot it's ill reputes from five thousand feet in the air. As it was most didn't use the kitchen, they used things they stole and often didn't live in the house proper at all. Though they were of course welcome there. Luke's set up was a strange one. He had three relatively high-tech mini-fridges against one wall. Directly next to it was a cheap table stacked with eight industrial grade blenders. Luke had never been happier than after he raided that appliance store. Today he reached into the fridge and pulled out a bevy of strange ingredients. Many in little racks of vials. He poured a bunch of milk, three scoops of ice-cream and eight drops of a deep red fluid in one of the blenders. He then made up a host of normal breakfast foods in a frying pan on a camping stove and then emptied it all, eggs, bacon, and sausage into a second blender and started them up. He quickly drank his creations and blundered off in a new direction, the stairs.

Managing to not fall down them he made his way to his and Ana's usual meeting spot, the living room by the door. Patiently he waited for her to make an appearance. By patiently it is meant that Luke was being patient relative to his usual state. Meaning he was fiddling with a small object and glancing furtively in every direction for Ana's arrival.

A semi-normal morning for one Luke Maestri.
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dieb_der_nacht on December 30th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery IV]
Analise reached down to pick up the fallen neon-colored cube. She silently appraised the example of Luke’s puzzle-solving skills as she tossed it onto an empty couch, all the while listening to the male thief’s rambling.

“Watches are so outdated,” she said to Luke, ignoring his less than upbeat comment about her optimistic attitude. “Besides, we have all the time in the world. That is, unless we miss the plane.”

She frowned and folded her arms over her chest as Luke crossed things off on his mental list. Why would he bother with a football? she wondered to herself, but didn’t make any remarks.

Once they were finished preparing and Analise had grabbed a bottle of water and a bag of fruit snacks (the latter being at Luke’s suggestion) for the ride, she slipped her things into the purse at her hip and allowed her accomplice to lead the way out.

Absently tapping the small black bag at her side with anxious fingertips, Analise followed Luke down the musty-smelling stairwell that led to the House’s parking garage, which consisted of a multitude of cars for each thief who stayed at the House regularly. Analise sometimes felt a bit jaded at the fact that all of these thieves possessed at least five cars each when she didn’t even know how to drive. She figured that she would have to pester Luke to teach her, one of these days.

Her fingers grasped the cool door handle of the car that she still couldn’t believe Luke owned. It was the sort of car that the populace in nearly every big city on the face of the earth would rave about. It was a glossy jet-black, free of any sort of tarnish or even the speck of a fingerprint, and Analise always felt a bit sinful just being within three feet of it. She made sure to be extra careful when closing the door behind her.

“Big money, here we come.” She grinned as Luke continued to fiddle with the buttons on the radio, finally stopping on a station that made Analise cringe and shake her head in shame. She buckled her belt and then rested her head against the headrest while Luke pulled out of the garage.

They were silent for a few moments, the only sound being the horrid instrumentals blasting from the car radio. She took this time to pull her packet of fruit snacks from the purse on her lap, offer one to Luke, and then settle in her seat to enjoy her breakfast.

“So,” she began as the song finally ended and she was able to turn down the radio without Luke biting her head off. “What are we supposed to do for a full hour?”

Analise popped a grape-flavored snack into her mouth as she waited for the answer.