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24 December 2009 @ 12:32 pm
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery]  
Luke Maestri, heir to quite a few important things, was a creature of habit. It did not matter that today was quite a bit more important than any average day. Luke still blearily woke from his bed, stumbled blindly towards the bathroom, and began to wash up. He of course inevitably stepped on some scattered bit of technology or citrus byproduct on the way, but that was to be expected with him. He squeezed a generous blob of homemade Kiwi blend toothpaste onto his toothbrush, stolen on a whim from the head exec of the top citrus processing company, and began brushing. It was decorated with more than a few fruit and was in the shape of a banana.

Despite his eccentricities a normal routine. Afterwards, and the only deviation from the daily grind, he stumbled back out and pulled on his favorite thieving clothes. A novelty long-sleeve shirt and pants. They were solid black and JUST loose enough to avoid being called effeminate. Sounds pretty normal, but under black-light a thousand little limes would appear on the pants as well as a thousand little lemons on the shirt. He was sure Ana loved it to pieces but he'd never asked.

Finally he made breakfast. There was of course a kitchen and such rooms in the house but all of it's members were self sufficient and if they ALL lived there all the time the house would be so big the cops could spot it's ill reputes from five thousand feet in the air. As it was most didn't use the kitchen, they used things they stole and often didn't live in the house proper at all. Though they were of course welcome there. Luke's set up was a strange one. He had three relatively high-tech mini-fridges against one wall. Directly next to it was a cheap table stacked with eight industrial grade blenders. Luke had never been happier than after he raided that appliance store. Today he reached into the fridge and pulled out a bevy of strange ingredients. Many in little racks of vials. He poured a bunch of milk, three scoops of ice-cream and eight drops of a deep red fluid in one of the blenders. He then made up a host of normal breakfast foods in a frying pan on a camping stove and then emptied it all, eggs, bacon, and sausage into a second blender and started them up. He quickly drank his creations and blundered off in a new direction, the stairs.

Managing to not fall down them he made his way to his and Ana's usual meeting spot, the living room by the door. Patiently he waited for her to make an appearance. By patiently it is meant that Luke was being patient relative to his usual state. Meaning he was fiddling with a small object and glancing furtively in every direction for Ana's arrival.

A semi-normal morning for one Luke Maestri.
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lemon43 on December 31st, 2009 12:21 am (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery V]
He could almost know Ana was mentally cringing. This was definitely not her chosen music. He thought she was insane. The current song was a modern bit. Something with a lot of Saxophone and Didgeridoo. It was rather insane and nonsensical. He was surprised that she didn't like it. He was insane and nonsensical after all and she liked him well enough? Luke could only guess. Modern music was all crazy, using a variety of instruments that just didn't make sense and often ruined the tone. There was one particularly prominent love song that had a flamboyant Oboe/trumpet note that just annihilated any tone the singer might have set. Modern was nothing like that awful classical stuff. All those black men dancing around talking and rhyming about the life in some place called the 'ghetto'.

Any further musical critique was halted when Ana asked “So, what are we supposed to do for a full hour?” as she crushed a poor pitiful grape gummy between her teeth.

“Well, we could always play the animal game? Or twenty questions, or the Kick-van game? We could even play a board game, we have a few in the back right?” Hitting a button on the built in GPS marked 'auto-pilot' he flipped all the way around in his seat and began rifling through the piles of pilfered paraphernalia. For the next few minutes he distracted highway drivers by tossing things out the window and sorting piles of entertaining junk.

When his search was over he had found three notebooks and a few pencils for paper games, one copy each of Monopoly, 175th anniversary edition, Life, Candyland, and Clue, three decks of plying cards, and a small hologram projector. The playing cards were homemade by Luke. His father was the King, Ana the Queen and himself the Jack. The rest of the cards were normal except his own face was also on the joker.

Pulling the pile of entertaining stuff into the, thankfully spacious, front seats he thrust it in front of Ana and smilingly said, “Take your pick!” Not waiting for an answer he hit the button on the GPS again, regaining control of the vehicle, and took exit 65B at the request of aforementioned GPS. Humming a cheerful tune he cut off the car to the side of him and sped up to a leisurely seventy five.
dieb_der_nacht on January 7th, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery VI]
Analise listened to Luke going through all of the possible things that could distract their brilliant minds during the journey. Part of her had a feeling that she was going to shoot down all of the ideas and they would ride the rest of the way in boring silence, but the less dull part of her mind thought that playing one of the games that Luke was listing would be more than a little interesting and probably even fun. Although anything was interesting when it involved Luke. He had successfully entertained her during the most unexciting of burglaries many a time, usually by doing something to freak out the owners of the property from which they were thieving. But Analise and Luke would be long gone before anyone would notice the missing bathroom faucet or the new, decorative flamingo that could be found in their front yard.

Next thing she knew, Luke was switching the car to autopilot and swiveling around dizzyingly quickly, breaking Analise out of her brief reverie. Moments after she came to, a few boxes and likewise materials were shoved into her hands.

“Take your pick!” Luke told her gleefully.

She took a long look at the small pile of boxes in her lap, and then began sorting through them. Something slipped from its place amid the many games and onto the floor. Analise kicked at it with her feet, dragging it closer to her seat before she reached out to grab it, the seatbelt choking her considerably along the way. Only one look at the small rectangular object brought back all of the nostalgia that it possessed.

“I remember this,” she said, smiling down at the deck of cards that Luke had created with three people in mind, himself being one of them. “You wanted to force me to model for you so you could get my face right. I think we got into an argument when I put up a fuss.”

Analise chuckled once, awkwardly, the kind of laugh one gives when they remember something in great detail but aren’t sure if the other person does.

Either way, it’s a good memory, she told herself as she toyed with the playing cards, the scenery outside the car flying by in her peripheral vision.

“Maybe we should save these for the airport,” Analise suggested, still clutching onto all of the other boxes. She glanced at the clock on the dashboard. “Which is about fifty minutes away,” she amended with a sigh.

She poured the rest of the fruit snacks into her hand and tossed them into her mouth.

Analise really did hate waiting.