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24 December 2009 @ 12:32 pm
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery]  
Luke Maestri, heir to quite a few important things, was a creature of habit. It did not matter that today was quite a bit more important than any average day. Luke still blearily woke from his bed, stumbled blindly towards the bathroom, and began to wash up. He of course inevitably stepped on some scattered bit of technology or citrus byproduct on the way, but that was to be expected with him. He squeezed a generous blob of homemade Kiwi blend toothpaste onto his toothbrush, stolen on a whim from the head exec of the top citrus processing company, and began brushing. It was decorated with more than a few fruit and was in the shape of a banana.

Despite his eccentricities a normal routine. Afterwards, and the only deviation from the daily grind, he stumbled back out and pulled on his favorite thieving clothes. A novelty long-sleeve shirt and pants. They were solid black and JUST loose enough to avoid being called effeminate. Sounds pretty normal, but under black-light a thousand little limes would appear on the pants as well as a thousand little lemons on the shirt. He was sure Ana loved it to pieces but he'd never asked.

Finally he made breakfast. There was of course a kitchen and such rooms in the house but all of it's members were self sufficient and if they ALL lived there all the time the house would be so big the cops could spot it's ill reputes from five thousand feet in the air. As it was most didn't use the kitchen, they used things they stole and often didn't live in the house proper at all. Though they were of course welcome there. Luke's set up was a strange one. He had three relatively high-tech mini-fridges against one wall. Directly next to it was a cheap table stacked with eight industrial grade blenders. Luke had never been happier than after he raided that appliance store. Today he reached into the fridge and pulled out a bevy of strange ingredients. Many in little racks of vials. He poured a bunch of milk, three scoops of ice-cream and eight drops of a deep red fluid in one of the blenders. He then made up a host of normal breakfast foods in a frying pan on a camping stove and then emptied it all, eggs, bacon, and sausage into a second blender and started them up. He quickly drank his creations and blundered off in a new direction, the stairs.

Managing to not fall down them he made his way to his and Ana's usual meeting spot, the living room by the door. Patiently he waited for her to make an appearance. By patiently it is meant that Luke was being patient relative to his usual state. Meaning he was fiddling with a small object and glancing furtively in every direction for Ana's arrival.

A semi-normal morning for one Luke Maestri.
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lemon43 on January 8th, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery VII]
Luke was happy to see Ana searching through the boxes. He was just a tad worried she might dismiss all the games and then find his luxurious car seats too much to handle and fall asleep.

"I remember these!" Apparently she had found the cards. She also remembered how he'd made her model. He sighed reminiscently, "Yes, I do remember that. And you wouldn't even dress up in the queenly clothes I'd stolen for you to model in. Even if it is just a head and shoulders shot."

"Maybe we should. It's two hours wait time at the terminal. An hour on the ship waiting for it to take off. Then another hour's journey to the dock near the location. Then another hour drive to the edge of the forest. Then another few hours to find the objective. I guess we'll have to stay the night over there?" Luke did not seem at all perturbed by all the hours of useless waiting that he was outlining.

Noticing that Ana didn't seem to be picking out a game, nor did it look like she would soon, he jabbed the button on the GPS again and grabbed one at random. He'd picked up Candyland. He shrugged his shoulders, any of them were good really, he was just looking for something to eat up time.

Not waiting for any sign of approval from Ana he ripped the plastic covering the box open and ripped the plastic for all the odds and ends needed to play. The characters were in a plastic bag as were some pieces for decorative 3D structures, the cards were covered with plastic coating. He handed the pieces to Ana with a suggestion of building the pretty little castle.

He on the other hand put the characters together and picked two for them to use. He took the pretty purple one while awarding Ana with the blue. He drew the first card of the game and grinned to himself. "Lucky!" He had drawn the single green and took the rainbow bridge farther up the board.

With little else to do but wait for Ana to draw a card he brought his attention back to the radio. He flipped through the stations before finding one curiously title Jpop. He'd not heard of it. He let it play for a while though. The current song stopped and the radio flashed the artist of the next song "Nightcore" tapping his foot to the astonishingly catchy music. He relaxed into the plush seat, Candyland board open next to him. Ana to his left. Today was shaping up to be quite... Interesting.
dieb_der_nacht on January 20th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
Opening Moves [In the Thick of Thievery VIII]
Analise couldn’t remember ever having been any good at that stupid Candyland game.

There isn’t even any point to it! She thought this as her mind conveniently skipped over the fact that most games, and probably all of the games that Luke had stored in his car, didn’t possess a point at all. But thoughts like this didn’t matter when one was about to play a game that they knew they would lose, because one becomes particularly irritable when one is losing a game, no matter how pointless. Especially if one is as naturally competitive as Analise.

She had gone along with the game choice simply because Luke seemed so excited about it. Then again, he got excited about a lot of things. Even so, she could rarely say no to him when he put on that face of a kid in a candy store that was next to an explosives store that was next to a pet shop. Plus, she had fun building the little castle that he always demanded she put together for the game, though she would never admit it.

Analise scoffed as Luke drew the card that would take his little gingerbread man up the rainbow bridge and far away from Analise’s own plastic character. She ignored his far too modest comment to this as she drew her own card. As she did this, the familiar tune of Heartquake by Nightcore surrounded them. She had once heard this song blaring from a passerby’s headphones and had gone on to pickpocket him when he had put his little musical device away. She had no regrets.

The sight of the slightly changed board in front of her broke her out of this reverie. She slid her card from the top of the stack and lifted it up to take a look at it.


Analise moved up two spaces. She knew that Luke was laughing at what bad luck she had in this game, especially when compared to him, even if it was only on the inside. She scowled at the board and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Your turn,” she informed him drily.

She watched as he plucked a card from the stack and happily dragged his gingerbread man farther along the bright, snaking path. She then took her own card and moved up one. She cursed this game, her left eye beginning to twitch.

When they were finished, Analise’s eye was twitching at a more rapid pace. Luke had beaten her, unsurprisingly, while she was still stuck in the very middle of the board, smack in the middle between a blue square and a purple square.

“You had this game rigged, didn’t you?” Analise asked as she cleared the board, knowing she sounded like the sore loser that she always was. When she finished, she glanced up at the clock and realized that they’d killed another twenty minutes. Halfway there.

This whole trip was beginning to feel centuries long.