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The World As A Game of Chess

...pawns moving to a distant tune

World Chess Game
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An RP comm for a game set in the future of earth, revolving around politics and a certain conspiracy
This is a roleplay set in the year 2173, in a potential future for Earth. Despite the large gap from present time, technology is still recognizable, as are many countries and customs. The game revolves around seven player characters, played by five separate creators. The central plot concerns a one Kisho Sakusenjo, involving her fall from grace and subsequent attempt to restore her honor. Drawn into her plans are a cousin on her British side, Levaios Adeleston, a prince of that country, and a cousin on her Japanese side named Kohaku Pardis. The former is of the military; the latter is an assassin with certain other questionable tendencies. Also involved is a politician by the name of Zaiden Mallory, and two talented thieves, Analise Dieb and Luke Maestri. Finally, an ordinary British soldier, Xiang Riccio, is drawn into the conflict by Kisho's alter ego as she is masquerading as a man in the army. The plot is turning into a political intrigue, a metaphorical game of chess played on the stage, the game board, that is the world.